In 2007 Flashback continues to be a highly effective Value-Priced music line offering a great experience to the consumer, with a commitment to quality while bringing a similarly great experience to our customer’s bottom line.

In our new catalog you'll see our newly denoted "Top Seller" releases. These include Aretha, Otis, Deep Purple, and Sugarhill Gang to name but a few. You'll also notice our strong new-release lineup. With everything from '70s Guitar Rock to '80s Pop to the debut of our new Billboard #1 Hits series, there is something for everybody.

As Rhino continues its role as the development specialist for the amazing assets of the Warner Music Group, Flashback has taken its rightful place as the Value-Priced complement to that effort.

Your customer gets a high-quality CD or cassette that has more hits than the competition's budget lines, the sound quality expected from the obsessed Rhino mastering crew, and the promise that you give them their money's worth every time they purchase a Flashback title.

You get a happy return customer, a nice contribution to your revenues and profits, and the ability to work the line at absolutely no risk to you. We remain fully returnable and a little mystified as to why the competition wants to treat its products like hot potatoes.

We continue to offer extremely COMPETITIVE terms of trade. We want to do business with you every day of the year. We want to run special promotions throughout the year. We want you to be able to fine-tune and adjust your mix to meet your customers' needs and have the flexibility to safely change the mix of titles and quantities, without having to be concerned with backed-up one-way inventory or mark-downs or all of those other unproductive and unprofitable obstacles to good business partnership. A title isn't working for you or your customers? Change it out for something else. Let's get good at this together.

With the biggest names and the best prices, we're determined to help maximize sales while maintaining customer loyalty and your satisfaction.

Thanks for supporting Flashback.




Flashback's DVD collections of music videos from the 90's, 80's, and beyond. Collections include, Pop Metal, 80's Rock, Alternative Rock, Hot Country...and more...